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FACT 1:  Did you know that the skin is our largest organ?  Much of what we apply is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.  

For instance when Lavender essential oil is rubbed onto the skin, traces can be found in the kidneys only hours later.  Another example is Wild Yam, sometimes taken internally, but when added to a skin cream base, the absorption rate is much greater. Never underestimate how much we absorb through the skin & just how important our skin is to us… choose chemical free skincare.

FACT 2:  Did you know that chemical skincare can affect your health?

The myriad of chemical laden skincare products on the market is definitely effecting some Individuals’ health. Some reactions that people are having are short term others long term & many consumers simply do not believe that there could be a connection!

FACT 3:  Did you know that skincare only needs to be 5% natural to be called natural? Government regulations will not keep you safe!

Regulations regarding skin care are not as strict as one may expect.  For instance, a product is considered natural if it contains a minimal amount of a natural substance such as a few drops of essential oil or 5% cold pressed oil. This is important information that the consumer has the right to know, to make their own personal choice.

FACT 4: Did you know that 884 of the chemicals available for use in cosmetics have been reported to the government as ‘toxic substances’

 From the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health.

MYTH 1:  The more it costs the better it is.

Choice magazine has already proven that this is certainly NOT the case.

MYTH 2:  Good skincare stops wrinkles.

The fact is that we are ageing, some faster than others. No ‘miracle cream’ can prevent or stop wrinkles! Many anti-wrinkle creams, available on the market today, contain toxic chemicals, that actually cause fluid retention in sensitive areas. This results in a swelling, creating the illusion of  smoothing out fine lines.

MYTH 3:  We need the extras like Retinol A etc. for it to work.

Retinol A & other ‘Miracle Elements’ in creams today, have been researched & some nasty discoveries made. One of our own Western Australian scientists declares that this particular substance, Retinol A as well as many other miracle products, promising youthful appearance, can cause photosensitivity & damage to the skin.

MYTH 4:  Products in Plastic Containers are fine. 

Plastic containers are made up of a number of toxic chemical substances. Some of these chemicals actually leach into the product themselves, resulting in a toxic concoction that is then applied to the consumers’ skin. Never buy products stored in plastic containers.

MYTH 5:  Government Labelling Regulations keep me safe. 

This is not always the case. Take the time to read your ingredient labels. If products don’t have the ingredients listed, the manufacturer isn’t giving you the information that you require to make a conscious decision. 

Think carefully before purchasing a product that does not list all ingredients. Be self responsible, read ALL ingredient labels. If you can’t read it, research it!

PETRO CHEMICALS - (ingredients ending with ‘line’ or ‘lene’, or beginning with ‘propyl’)

These chemicals are the most dangerous in the long term. As our world has become polluted we breathe in more of these toxic chemicals daily. They contain xenon-estrogens which effect the reproductive areas.  This leads to hormone imbalances & conditions such as, PMS, PMT, acne, fertility problems, pigmentation, osteoporosis etc… Research has shown that even the Polar Bears in the Arctic are suffering from defects in the reproductive area, caused by world pollution. Be aware of ingredients ending in ‘lene’ or ‘line’ or beginning with ‘propyl’


This substance is a common foaming agent found in most brands of shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes,  cleansers & moisturisers & is one of the most toxic ingredients on the market today. It is used as an industrial de-greaser as it is an excellent foaming agent. Most commonly used in children’s bubble baths! SLS causes tissue damage to the eyes, liver, brain, heart & lungs, damaging genetic information in the cells of the body. It causes degradation of the immune system and skin.


This toxic petro-chemical  & lubricant is used as a standard skin irritant in laboratories. It is found in most shampoos, conditioners,  foundations, cosmetics & widely used in a large amount of skincare products available on the market today. The main purpose of Propylene Glycol is to ensure that the cream/lotion is of a smooth texture & glides easily across the skin. Propylene Glycol is used in brake fluid & as an anti-freeze for engines. Over-exposure to this chemical can cause liver abnormalities, kidney damage & the development of contact dermatitis. 


Fragrances & Fragrant Oils are not Essential Oils! Fragrances are chemical concoctions, pure chemical, they are extremely toxic & dangerous. Learn the difference between Fragrant & Essential Oils! Essential Oils are natural plant extracts, Fragrant oils are synthetically produced. When inhaled they are transported directly into the bloodstream. These fragrant chemicals are widely contained in common room fresheners, perfumes, spray deodorant, cleaning products & many other fragrant household substances. Fragrant oils are one of the major causes of reaction in skin care products & perfumesSome common reactions are headaches & sore eyes, skin irritation, redness & itchiness.

Mother Earth Aromatherapy Recommends :
'Dangerous Beauty’ a publication by Dr Peter Dingle PhD, Murdoch University, Western Australia. Just $10 and worth every cent! 


  • Primary irritation
  • Allergic sensitisation
  • Subjective sensations, stinging or burning
  • Phototoxicity & photoallergy
  • Acne
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Undesirable colour or pigmentary changes
  • Structural hair & nail changes

INTERESTING RESEARCH (from 'Dangerous Beauty')

“Beauticians & hairdressers, who constantly work with cosmetic products, are faced with the cumulative effects of their exposure to toxic substances.”

These studies have shown: 

  • Increased risk of lung cancer among beauticians
  • High risk of cancer in the uterus & ovary in beauticians
  • High risk of breast, digestive & respiratory cancer.

EXTRACT FROM PAGE 12 ‘Dangerous Beauty’

“Cosmetologists are two times more likely to have mutagens in their urine than control workers or dental workers who handle mercury & other toxic materials.”

EXTRACT FROM PAGE 11 ‘Dangerous Beauty’

“In a study of 310 patients with ordinary contact dermatitis, 115 were found to have allergic contact dermatitis caused by cosmetic products. The most commonly involved areas were the hands, including the fingers & the face. The most frequently identified sensitisers were fragrances & preservatives. Various researchers associate adverse reactions with the use of make-up, including eczema, bronchial asthma, gastritis & skin rashes. Some of the adverse effects caused by anti-aging creams include redness, swelling, rashes, blistering, bleeding & skin discolouration…”
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