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CAR FRESH BLEND - 100% pure essential oil blend - 15ml

Our purifying 'Car Fresh Blend' creates a clean & clear space. Hand blended with menthol & citrus scents of lime, may chang, lemon, peppermint & cardamom. May chang & lemon essential oils are known for their antiseptic & deodorising properties, cleansing & refreshing the air / car upholstery, removing unpleasant odours. Peppermint stimulates mental alertness & increases focus, perfect for driving, particularly long distances & is also immensely comforting for a distressed state of mind, good bye 'Road Rage'!

Car Fresh Blend is perfect for uplifting & energising the CAR, body, mind & soul.

NOTE: We recommend applying our CAR FRESH blend to 'Car Air Conditioner Car Vent Diffusers'

May be used in diffusers / oil burners / body / soles of feet / bathing  / house hold cleaning.

Pure essential oils of orange, rosemary, lime & may chang, made with love, infused with reiki energy & charged with rose quartz crystals.

Diffuser: Add 4-8 drops to diffuser, depending on room size.
Burner: Fill burner bowl with water, add 4 - 8 drops, depending on room size (be sure to check water level, to prevent evaporation).
Perfume: May be used neat as a perfume, apply a small amount to pulse points.  A natural alternative to chemical perfumes. Patch test advisable.
Feet: For Rapid Absorption: apply 2 - 3 drops to the soles of your feet. Essential Oils deliver fast because there are no sebaceous glands in this area, oil can be detected in every cell of your body within 20 minutes.

Massage: Blending Rule:  add 5 drops to every 10ml of Mother Earth Blending Oil, swirl to blend.  Apply a small amount to palms, spread evenly, massaging gently in circular motions.
Bathing: Add 5 drops to 20ml of milk, swirl to disperse, add to bath water, may also be added to foot spas & hand soaks.
Handy House Hints: Room Spray: add 20 drops to 50ml of rainwater into a spray bottle, shake well.
Cleaning: Add 5 drops to water / mop bucket for a fresh, natural lingering scent. 

For longevity of product, please store below 30°C, keep in a cool, dry environment & away from direct sunlight.

Contra Indications:
It is advisable to undertake your own research regarding the suitability of essential oils for your personal circumstances. We suggest seeking the advice of a qualified health professional before use. Strict caution is advised during pregnancy, for those with epilepsy, high blood pressure and other health conditions. Keep away from children and pets. Some essential oils, particularly citrus, are photosensitive, so do not apply prior to exposure to sunlight.

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